Katanagatari Muses (Up Apr 20th 2014)

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Bird Squad

Beast Squad

Insect Squad

Fish Squad

Reptile Squad

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Hakuouki Muses (Up Apr 20th 2014)

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Mun: Nechro ➞ (Tracking: MunNechro) ➞ Ask - Submit
Mun: ThanEros ➞ (Tracking: MunThanEros) ➞ Ask - Submit
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TEAM PSA: Dynasty Warriors Blogs Updates

4 Nikki Team

Because we are still struggling like hell to keep our DW Muses alive, we are going to gather all of them on a Single Main blog like we are used to do. Every of our DW Muses are going to have their own side blog hosted on a single Main Blog. All of them will keep their URL like it is to avoid too much troubles. Of course it does not involve the Muse from the DW Versus AU since they are already placed on their own Main Blog.

Thank you for your understanding.

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What Symbole belongs to what Meme (Memo)



Hi, Hi, lovely followers, here is another tip mostly for the Role Players. If, like me and the members of my team, you have been gifted by a memory with the ability of a goldfish, then this tip must be for you.

So you decided to clean your ask box but, in the pile, you see some symboles you probably got long ago and you can not remember what it was about? Sadly, you feel like you will have to ignore and delete them…. or there is two other solutions~

For both solutions, you need to know about this Tip at first.

Let me start by the most annoying solution but useful if you shared too many things on your blog after getting the ask. Use the tip I just mentioned and open your ask as a regular post on your blog. From there (depending to your theme) you should be able to see when this ask has been sent to you. All you have to do now is go on your archive (your URL/archive) And check what you have posted at the same date with the search option. Click on the mention “month” select the good one, then when you pass your mouse on a specific post, you will be able to see the date. 

But seriously, this is not the best option, the next is better.

This one works much better if you do it as soon as you got the ask or if you did not share too much posts on your own blog after that. Once again, use the tip I mentionned with a link to open the ask. Edit the post and write quickly something that will help you to remember what the ask was about before placing it in your drafts, or much better, put the title of the meme with a link leading to the Meme’s post that you posted/reblogged on your blog for later.

Now all you have to do is, remember that it is in your drafts instead of your box. Hope it has been clear and helpful.

Feel free to ask if you have any question and enjoy~

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Even though we are not fond of celebrations, the members of the 4 Nikki Team and all our Muses wish you, and to all your Muses, a happy Easter! Be careful not to get sick with too much chocolate~

ThanEros, Belzy, Sanctis, Nechro, Fay

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Learn to Be Lonely
Minnie Driver
The Phantom of the Opera
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How to answer an ask as a regular Post.



For those who did not know that yet. There is a little tip to Queue, Draft or even Tag your answers to an ask without having to edit them to add the tag after you posted it. It’s really easy and useful and, with that -unless you are on mobile- you will have no more excuse for not tagging your fellow Role Player partners.

Just take a look at the asks you have in your box. Like on a post on the dash, if you put your mouse on the upper right corner of the post/ask this one should fold like paper, this is where you have to click to open the post/ask on your own blog like a simple post. From there, depending to the theme you are using on your blog, you can even see the date when you got the ask, but that is not the point, now you should be able to edit that ask like a post. 

I hope this has been clear and useful.
Feel free to ask if you have any question~

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Kazama Chikage Indie Hakuouki RP
(Art of the pic 鬼de一文字バトン by 遊烏 )

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Maniwa Pengin

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Maniwa Hōō

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